Trade Your Coins in for No Fee Gift Cards at Coinstar Kiosks

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This post is sponsored by Coinstar. 

What if I were to tell you that for no fee you could turn your loose change cash into gift cards?  That means that you don’t lose one penny when you make the transfer!

I have seen many Coinstar kiosks in various places that I shop, but until recently, I had never taken the time to investigate – that is until Coinstar approached me! The kids discovered the closest machine to our house (a whole two minutes away!), and they are now begging me to return.

First, I told the kids, we need to go gather our lose change!  These fun coin facts we read had us making a game out of finding our lose change so we could cash in for something on the kids’ wish lists.

Some fun coin facts:

  • Around $10 billion in loose change sits idle in American households.
  • Each Coinstar machine accurately counts about 600 coins per minute.
  • Nearly 90% of the U.S. population lives within five miles of a Coinstar machine.
  • It would take more than 197 billion stacked nickels to reach the moon.
  • 84% of women and 74% of men would pick a penny off of the ground.

Get started!

We used to take the time to collect the coins, roll them up, then go to our local bank.  It was an exercise in savings (as in every penny counts), and for their efforts they were rewarded (as in money in the bank!).  Clearly, shopping with gift cards this time around was much more fun, and the kids got the chance to do some premature trick-or-treating of sorts! There are other services such as the option for cash back or to credit your Paypal or give to charity.  While gift card exchanges don’t cost, the coin-counting service is 9.8 cents per dollar counted in USA, but check the fees, as they might vary by location.

This time, we just gathered up all the coins around the house and made a trip to our nearest Coinstar machine to cash in for our fee-free gift card (chose from popular stores like Gap, Amazon, Old Navy or Toys R Us)!  My girl used her JCPenny card for some great floral jeans (took me back a couple decades!).

If you happen to be a visitor in our house, don’t be surprised if you see my son turning the furniture upside down, as he is on a mission, plugging away with loftier goals than just jeans; he’s saving up for a LEGOS model, so he will be working for a Toys R Us card!  When he finds a penny on the ground, he picks it up! :)

Additional information on Coinstar’s “Coin to Card” function and the partner retailers you can choose from for your gift card can be found on Coinstar’s website.

Just some of the places I found loose change!
Just some of the places I found loose change around the house (not including purses, dryer, jackets…!
My girl found some cute floral skinny jeans at JCPenny!
My girl used her cash for a JCPenny gift card where she bought some cute floral skinny jeans.

Disclaimer: SDBM was compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own. 


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