Trunk Treasures Consignment Sale Returns!

San Diego Bargain Mama loves Trunk Treasures!
Stacy Shea and Family

Trunk Treasures, the semi-annual children’s and moms’ consignment sale in San Diego returns this November with some great merchandise for children and moms.  The founder, Stacy Shea, was on the east coast visiting family a few years back and simply complimented the mother of a cute little girl on a playground who was wearing an adorable outfit. The response she got lead her on the path to being a mompreneur.  Stacy recalls that the woman was so excited to tell her how she got it at a consignment sale, where she loads up twice a year on designer clothing, toys and all kinds of goodies for her kids at rock bottom prices. She went into detail about how she also sells the best of her children’s gently used items at these sales to get more money than she could if she held a yard sale.  Inspired, Stacy returned home to San Diego with a dream … and it is now called Trunk Treasures.

Stacy shared, “Having fashionable kids no longer means we have to pay high fashion prices. Our sale gives savvy parents the opportunity to keep their children’s closets and toy chests packed with all the latest trends while keeping wallets fat!”

I did a bit of research and found ladies (moms can seriously spread the word via social media) who had experienced the sale and had lots to share about the value they found. “It took me about an hour to look through all the clothes in my kids’ sizes. Racks and racks of Gymboree, Janie and Jack, Gap, Roxy, Ralph Lauren and Quicksilver, among others. Most items were priced $4 and under. The pickings were so good that I even got a bit frantic when I’d see someone else heading my way because I didn’t want them to swoop in and take something I would’ve gotten,” shared happy shopper, Laural Kay.  Read more here.

Registration for their Fall/Winter 2011 event is now OPEN! The sale will be held November 11th – 15th


Eastlake Design Center

851 Showroom Place, near Kid Ventures, Chula Vista


November 11th  ~  11 am – 7 pm:  Consignor Drop Off!

November 12th ~  9 am:  Pre Sale – 8 hour volunteers

~  10 am:  Pre Sale – 4 hour volunteers

~  11 am:  Pre Sale – Consignors +1 Guest

~  12 pm:  Pre Sale – New Moms/Grandparents/Military~  1 pm – 6 pm:  Public Sale Begins

November 13th  ~  Public Sale

November 14th  ~  Discount Day (most items discounted 30%)

November 15th  ~  PICK UP 10 am – 1 pm

November 15th  ~  Donation to Charity at 2 pm**

**They will have to be completely cleared out at this time. Anything left will be donated.**

Good deals are spread best by Bargain Mamas, right?  Cheers to that!

Check the Trunk Treasures website for sale hours and other additional information.

Trunk Treasures was founded by a Bargain Mama I can relate to.  We at SDBM are pleased to be promoters of their events.

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