Win a Free Spa Day Thanks to PBS and Create TV’s Michele Beschen

Struggling with that last minute gift for your Valentine? Look no further than a gift card. Michele Beschen, host of PBS and Create TV’s B. Organic and HGTV’s B. Original shares tips on how you can personalize gift cards just in time for Valentine’s Day!

•  Help someone relax with a SpaFinder Gift Card presented with a beautiful homemade tea kit created from an old tin box and cardboard. A SpaFinder Gift Card is good for spa treatments in over 7,000 spas, salons, yoga or Pilates studios and fitness centers. There’s likely a spa or wellness experience in most areas and global travel destinations.

•  Make a homemade fishing pole using a long branch that incorporates handmade tackle accessories and a bobber. Hang a Bass Pro Shops gift card from the end of a hook. Bass Pro Shops has great gear for people of all ages and for a number of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, camping and kayaking.

•  Planning a night out with family or friends can be easy. Make a handmade magnetic calendar from a dry erase board and pair it with an Applebee’s gift card. Mark down your next family, girls or guys night out. Applebee’s has a healthy indulgence menu and is a great place to watch a game.

•  If you’re shopping for a music lover, you can make a one-of-a-kind scarf out of a few T-shirts from favorite bands. Cut the shirts, sew them together and add a pocket to hold an iTunes gift card, which can be a great gift for anyone. iTunes gift cards provide one-stop entertainment as they can be used to purchase music, movies, TV shows, apps, games, books and more.

•  Make a wall rack organizer using the front of an old dresser drawer.  Add vintage doorknobs, accessories and hooks. Hang a jcpenney gift card from it. jcpenney offers a large selection of unique and affordable gifts for just about everyone. It’s a great place to find style at compelling prices that make sense in this economic climate.

•  Gift cards and many of the materials used to create these unique gifts are conveniently available at grocery stores.

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Michelle has just one question for SDBM members only (a free newsletter sent out up to 2x a month)!  Please comment below by sharing what you think the most creative way to present a gift card to someone is!!  Winner gets a $50 Spa Finder gift card sent directly to you!  Sound good?  Get creative!  One lucky winner will be randomly chosen on Valentine’s Day and announced at 10pm.  Good luck!

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  1. We like to make homemade cards to attach to gift cards or certificates. For example, I purchased a whale watching tour for my daughter and I for Christmas. My husband made a card by adding graphics and inserting a bit of age-appropriate humor like “Whale not included”.

  2. depending what the gift card is to… if i give a kid a toys r us i put it inside their latest circular… i gave a disney gift card with a stuffed mickey mouse

  3. For my birthday, my good friends presented me with an ornate wineglass with a Southwest gift card in it… and an invite to meet them in wine country! I loved it and can’t wait for the trip!

  4. For Valentines day, I get a red heart shape box from a craft store and fill it with my valentine’s favorite pieces of chocolate (peanut butter cups). Glue my favorite picture of the two of us on the inside of the box with a special message. A gift card to our favorite restaurant is hidden underneath the chocolate. I get a huge smile every time.

  5. Too cute!! I like to stick gift cards inside a large mason jar surrounded by tissue paper. People are always baffled contemplating what on earth could be inside the jar. It’s a lot more fun than handing over an envelope!

  6. I received an extremely fun and creative gift card a while ago. The card was locked inside a maze game. You had to navigate the ball through the maze to unlock the card. Loved it!

  7. For my husband I put a note in the door “find me under the table, they were all clues around the house to finally get under his pillow to find a gift card to a restaurant…. Fun!

  8. I like to save boxes that enormous orders have come in, and then when it’s Christmas or a birthday, I put iTunes gift cards in the large boxes and wrap them up. As we all know, the gifts get visually smaller and smaller as the kids get older and older, so putting gift cards in large boxes makes the haul around the tree look less sparse.

  9. A great way to present a gift card is to send it online with a corresponding e-card! Many companies offer an option to send the gift card/code online now. I like this method because it’s eco friendly!

  10. I like to send the recipient on a scavenger hunt leading them to the gift card. I have also wrapped gift cards up in really big boxes as a decoy.

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