Flower of Life Symbolism and Meaning

A two-dimensional representation of the Flower of Life symbol has 19 circles that overlap with identical sizes. The deep meanings interpreted by this ancient symbol are explained by the school of thought known as Sacred Geometry.  

A geometric pattern called The Flower of Life comprises 19 linked circles that are all the same size. The picture resembles a group of flowers of similar sizes. The artwork contains significant symbolic meanings for our existence, life on Earth, and the universe’s creation, in addition to being attractive.

What is the Flower of Life?

The Flower of Life is made up of smaller structures or shapes. The vesica piscis, a geometric structure made up of two identical circles that overlap, serves as the foundation of the design. Other circles are added to the two spheres.

The Seed of Life is a similar pattern with only seven interconnected circles. The Seed of Life symbol serves as a foundation for the Flower of Life design, much as actual seeds are the source of flowers.

According to believers in Sacred Geometry, these kinds of repeated patterns show how Earthly life and Universal existence are interrelated. They hold that a single source, a divine creator, is the origin of these patterns.

The foundations of life and existence are represented in sacred geometry by symbols like the vesica piscis, which develops into the Seed of Life and, finally, the Flower of Life. They are regarded as the creation’s building blocks.

Even if you don’t believe in a divine creator, the Flower of Life design can also symbolize the interconnectedness of life on Earth from a scientific and ecological standpoint.

Meaning of Flower of Life

The meaning of flower of Life varies from person to person as each individual has a different religion, beliefs, and values. The normal and common meaning of the Flower of Life is as follows:

  • Life
  • The secret of life
  • Enlightenment 
  • Creation 
  • Feminine and Masculine
  • Left and Right Brain hemispheres

The Flower of Life itself is actually a compilation of other, smaller sacred shapes. Each of these shapes has its own history and meaning. In the table mentioned below, there is a detailed representation of all parts from which The Flower of Life Symbol has complied.

Flower of Life Types and Meaning

The Vesica Piscis is formed from two intersecting circles of the same diameter, where the centre of each circle is on the circumference of the opposite circle. According to beliefs, the Vesica Piscis represents the second stage in the creation of the Seed of Life, in that God constructed it through the creation of a second Spherical Octahedron joined with the first.

The Tripod of Life The “Tripod of Life” (also known as the “Borromean Rings”) adds a third circle to the Vesica Piscis, where the third circle’s centre point intersects the first two circles’ circumferences. To some, it represents the mind, body, and spirit. In Christianity, the Tripod of Life symbolizes the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of the Holy Trinity.

The Seed of Life  The “Seed of Life” symbol is composed of seven circles taken from the design of the Flower of Life. According to some religions, the Seed of Life symbolizes God’s seven days of creation. The Vesica Piscis was created on the first day, the Tripod of Life on the second, and one sphere was added each day until all seven spheres formed the Seed of Life on the sixth day. Sabbath is the seventh day.

The Fruit of Life  The “Fruit of Life” symbol is 13 Flower of Life circles. The Fruit of Life is the blueprint for every atom, molecular structure, life form, and existence. If each circle’s centre is connected centre with a single line, then a total of 78 lines are created, forming a type of cube called Metatron’s Cube.

Benefits of Flower of Life

Many ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians and ancient Rome, have applied this symbol differently. These are some of its benefits that can transform your life.

It reminds us of unity

The Flower of Life is regarded as the most critical representation of harmony and oneness. Unlike many other symbols, this one has neither a beginning nor an end. This may be part of your spiritual development.

When we start a trip, we frequently lose sight of our objectives and start to slide backwards. For instance, drawing on the energy of the Flower of Life can support maintaining the cycle if you begin practising yoga today. You must continue being consistent if you want to succeed at your best. You may continue despite huge challenges by remembering the Flower of Life’s endless cycle.

Supports our sacred space

The symbol can be used to set up an atmosphere of peace for connecting the body and mind. Think about a place like this where you frequently return to rediscover yourself. You may make the most of that area to manifest who you are fully.

You are able to extend your period of peace by using the Flower of Life. The harmonious rings will always serve as a reminder of the serenity that surrounds the circle of prosperity and love.

It can be used for meditation

When making an effort to meditate, many individuals struggle to concentrate. The Flower of Life can assist you in maintaining present-moment awareness and developing your meditation technique. A particular approach is for individuals to meditate while looking at the wall-mounted artwork of the flower of life. Make sure you’re at ease while you look at it. Additionally, look somewhere outside of just one fixed point. To make sure your lower lungs are full of air, softly inhale and exhale. Distractions can be minimized with the use of these meditation techniques. Feel free to go back if you are distracted and return your attention to the Flower of Life. For those who are mesmerized by the beauty of the Flower of Life, this meditation can be highly effective.

Many people have also improved their focus while drawing the Flower of Life. You can use it as a form of mediation to help expand your awareness.

History of the Flower of Life

The Flower Of Life has been found in several civilizations all over the world. All cultures and animals on our planet, as well as those that exist beyond it, speak an ancient language known as Sacred Geometry. The Flower Of Life sign first appeared in Ancient Egypt, according to the first known instance of it.

The Osirion at Abydos, Egypt, has sculptures on its walls that date back at least 6,000 years, according to wall reliefs in the Temple of Osiris. During the 20th century, this was found while archaeologists began digging up the Seti temple. The “Osirion” had been completely buried by the sands of time. What a discovery! In fact, it is one of the most stunning ancient symbols ever observed by humans.

What does the Flower of Life Symbolize?

More and more New Age organizations and movements are using the Flower of Life as a symbol. Many individuals of many religions and civilizations get more specific ideas and sentiments from their deep spiritual significance. Enlightenment comes to individuals who study symbols and their ideal forms through the Flower of Life.

Different Flower of Life versions has multiple consequences and meanings. Seven circles that overlap each other make up the Seed of Life, a distinctive floral pattern. For some people, it represents the seven days when God created life.

There are only seven overlapping circles in the Egg of Life. An early multicellular embryo is believed to have a form similar to the one generated.

The Fruit of Life consists of 13 circles selected from the classic Flower of Life symbols. This shape is the geometric basis of the Metatron Cube and the universe’s design.

The Flower of Life in Modern Times

In decorations, tattoos, and jewellery, flowers of life are often seen. It serves as a symbol in clothing and jewellery that reminds us of our surroundings and interconnectedness. Additionally, the models are delightful, symmetrical, and appealing and look elegant when accessorized with bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Mandalas and other meditation-related objects like yoga mats, clothes, and wall hangings frequently use this symbol. Numerous notable goods, such as the album cover for Coldplay’s Head Full of Dreams, consist of this symbol.

With the rise of the New Age movement in particular, The Flower of Life has received more attention. Through individual change, the New Age movement has been converted into love and light. It is hoped that New Age movements will use the Flower of Life to develop fresh ideas for practices like meditation and uncover a deeper spiritual purpose for life.

Flower of Life Tattoo

The Flower of Life symbol could result in an attractive tattoo design since symbolism is a crucial component of tattoo art. A significant message about our lives and existence may be expressed using an elegant yet straightforward two-dimensional design. Whether worn alone or layered over another design, tattoos featuring the Flower of Life may spark interesting conversations about the past, religion, and life.

Flower of Life in Science and Mathematics

Beyond its spiritual significance, the Flower of Life holds great scientific and mathematical significance!

Sacred geometry places a great deal of importance on this pattern. It is the study of how the universe is shaped by math. What do you know? Similar to a top player in this field is The Flower of Life.

Researchers studying mathematical properties and geometric patterns in the Flower of Life have included mathematicians and scientists. They have discovered connections between it and some very interesting mathematical ideas, such as cellular automata and fractal geometry.

This is where the interesting part starts to appear. Are you aware of the Fibonacci series? It is a special series in which the numbers are the total of the two that came before them. Indeed, it is also connected to the Flower of Life! The spiral of Fibonacci is a geometric pattern found in nature that illustrates how exquisitely ordered everything is in the universe.

It is said that the Fibonacci sequence is actually concealed within the Flower of Life’s elaborate design. This merely demonstrates how intricately linked this pattern is to the mathematical principles that form our reality.


The flower of life is a symbol that can help you connect with a universal source of energy and find your way back home. It is an ancient pattern and one that resonates deeply within us all. The artwork contains significant symbolic meanings for our existence, life on Earth, and the universe’s creation, in addition to being stunning.


Is the flower of life religious?

The geometric design is known as The Flower of Life is made up of a collection of linked circles organized in the shape of a flower. It is frequently linked to spiritual or religious practices and is thought to have holy and spiritual importance by some. The flower of life, on the other hand, is not fundamentally religious and does not have any particular religious significance or symbolism.

Is the Flower of Life mentioned in the Bible?

The Flower of Life isn’t specifically named in the Bible. But some people connect its pattern to ideas in religious texts about creation, perfection, and how everything is connected. Even though the Bible doesn’t mention the “Flower of Life” by that name, some think it might be related to other symbolic stuff in the Bible.
What is the Flower of Life in Sacred Geometry?
What is the meaning of the flower of Life?

What is the Flower of Life in Sacred Geometry?

The Flower of Life is a special pattern made of circles that overlap. It looks like a flower with lots of circles fitting together. People think it’s really important because it connects to math, nature, and spiritual ideas. It’s like a symbol showing how everything in the universe is connected and how it’s all put together.

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