15+ Protection Symbols and Their Meanings

Historical representations of charms, amulets, sculptures, or other items that protect humans from harm, particularly by leaving a lasting psychological impact on our brains, are known as protection symbols.  

Both good and evil exist on Earth. The latter presents humanity with a variety of obstacles, while the former strengthens faith. This put their lives in danger and necessitated rescue in an effort to protect their most fundamental desire for security.

As a result, many symbols were created to shield people from harm and ward off evil spirits, devils, the unknown, and other bad energy. These symbols have existed since the dawn of humanity and come from many different civilizations throughout the world.

20 Different Protection Symbols

Below is a detailed list of Protection symbols with their meanings and uses.

1. The Pentacle

The pentacle represents the eternal elements of fire, water, air, water, and spirit. The five-pointed star connects the essence of Spirit with all forms of matter. The best-known symbol of the Wiccan religion, it brings direction to all aspects of our lives.

2. The Triple Moon Symbol

The Triple Moon Symbol The histories of the Pegan and Wiccan traditions are combined in the Triple Moon Symbol, which emphasizes the various stages of a woman’s development and dimensions. The mystery and knowledge the charm carries with it are what make it relevant. The symbol combines the three stages of womanhood—a young Maiden, a Mother, and an old Woman—just as the Moon Goddess has three phases known as Waxing, fullness, and Waning. Wisdom and completeness can grow in an older woman when the purity and joy of a young woman transform into the stability and fulfillment of a mother.

By keeping this image close, you are said to be empowered and protected by the Triple Goddess.

3. Om Sign

Om, which stands for the sacred sound that binds us to the divine, is a representation of the holy trinity. The creation of the heavens, the earth, and the underworld by the Trinity gives us the strength needed to unlock the third eye. Everyone should be aware of its uplifting effects on our souls and its supernatural capacity to cure people.

4. The Mars Sign

As part of Roman history, the Roman god of war, Mars, is communicated through the symbol of the Mars sign. This is a very militant and aggressive symbol and is only used in cases of extreme necessity or conflict. The Mars sign brings masculinity, warrior energy, and banishing power. This magic not only protects the user but also curses and crushes those who come after it. Proceed with caution, as its power cannot be undone or ignored.

5. The Unicorn

Part of many magical and fairy tales, the unicorn has always been depicted as an angelic white horse with a single horn on its forehead. Unicorns are believed to appreciate those with the purest hearts.

The unicorn symbolizes loyalty when bowing to good people while at the same time avoiding wicked people by fleeing tirelessly. Unicorns, in their beauty and grace, have the power to unite and transcend the world.

With unicorns around you, you feel a ray of hope, a touch of boldness, and an innocent hand on your head. Promotes positivity and wisdom, creates strong intuition, and heals for good.

6. The Dream Catcher

A dream catcher is a real pendant that brings good dreams and good luck. The circle symbolizes the cycle of life, and the dreamcatcher catches bad dreams and nocturnal illnesses. Devotees use it to ward off negative energy by keeping it near them when they sleep or hanging it around their necks.

7. The Dragon

A symbol of Chinese history, the dragon is an auspicious bearer of spirituality and protection. The primary task of protecting water demonstrates the importance of compassion, strength, and individualism. However, it should be noted that there are different interpretations of the nature of this attraction.

8. The Cross

Although it is a common symbol in the Christian religion, it actually dates back to pagan history. As a reminder of Jesus’ life sacrifice, the cross is commonly used in all forms of art and serves as a reminder of the power of healing, sacrifice, and love. The power of the cross goes a long way toward protecting the wearer.

9. The Lotus

Lotus Known as part of Buddhist and Egyptian culture, this mysteriously blooming flower awakens the regenerative power of the human spirit and soul. With the lotus, you can thrive and stay intact on your journey to eternal life. Knowing its power and potential allows us to cultivate forgiveness, compassion, and enlightenment.

10. The Nazar Boncuga

This is a symbol of protection that originated in Turkish culture. The inner meaning of this symbol is to ward off, distract, and minimize the negative effects of evil on people. This is a positive and protective symbol of good luck. Today, the symbol is used on jewelry and clothing in Western Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central America.

11. The Arrow

Traditionally, people use arrows as symbols of protection to guard against potential dangers. This symbol represents protection and defence from negative and evil forces and the meaning of the arrow changes depending on its direction. An arrow pointing left or right is symbolized as a symbol of protection, and an arrow pointing down symbolizes peace.

12. The Solar Cross

This is a very old symbol that has been presented as a symbol of power over society since the Bronze Age. Ancient kings considered it a symbol of supreme power. However, the meaning of this symbol has changed over the years. In Christian culture, it is believed to be a symbol of the energies that are being fought on earth. Today, you can see this symbol in homes and shops, representing a safe haven for travellers.

13. The Deer

Deer are considered a symbol of protection and a force of nature. It also represents instinctive energy, regeneration, and independence. The deer also symbolizes a gentle and captivating stimulus for new adventures. People also use this as a symbol of peace and prosperity around family and friends.

14. The Crow

It is also a symbol of protection that represents change and transformation. People believe this symbol has the power to predict future trends and take wise steps to adapt to adversity. However, different cultures have different meanings. In Celtic culture, the raven symbol represents prophetic knowledge and personality. They also believe that this is a symbol of ability and skill.

15. The Dragonfly

This protective sign is used to symbolize spiritual goals as well as self-realization, growth, and transformation. This symbol indicates preserving a balance between masculine and feminine approaches in everyday and spiritual life. They are thought to have a combination of fire and water energy. This sign denotes the start of a time that will be extremely active in both your personal and professional lives.

16. The Ankh

The ancient Egyptians used this as a protective sign, which is represented by a key to life. One of the most often used hieroglyphic symbols in ancient Egypt is this one. This symbol denotes longevity and good health. According to legend, this symbol’s loop represents femininity, while the cross represents masculinity, and when combined, they generate life. Many others also believe that this is the symbol of air and water, which are the primary sources of life.

17. The Hexagram

This protective sign was first used in Jewish culture in Israel. King Soloman is thought to have worn the hexagram signet ring initially, providing him with magical abilities. People wore this sign throughout the Middle Ages as a kind of protection, and it is shown as the symbol of God. However, it has a varied meaning in other religions. It stands for the beginning of Hinduism. This Hexagram is known as the Star of David in Judaism, and it represents the six directions from where God rules.

18. The Crossed Spears

This sign is used as protection against bad powers. This symbol is thought to have a magical ritual that can protect you from enemies or attackers. These linked spears are said to be a component of the eight witches’ runes, and they have something to do with witchcraft. Since ancient times, this sign has served as a dominant and protective symbol in a variety of cultural situations.

19. The Trishul

In Hinduism, a Trishul is a representation of the trident that the God Shiva holds. It translates to “the destroyer of suffering” and shows the three states of awake, dreaming, and sleeping. You may obtain physical, emotional, and spiritual balance by worshipping the Trishul, which will enable you to manage many parts of your life with more clarity.

20. The Trishakti

Om, Swastik, and Trishul are the three holy symbols that make up the Trishakti. It is regarded as a very powerful good luck charm that may cleanse the entire environment. It may be used to clear your aura and ward against negativity by hanging it up in your house, office, or as a pendant.

Uses of Protection Symbol

To protect yourself from harmful effects, you can wear any of the above-mentioned protective symbols as pendants or other pieces of jewellery. You may even get sculptures and decorations of many of these symbols that you can put on a windowsill to cleanse your home of negative energy if you are worried that it is leaking in.


For cleaning our aura and balancing our emotions, these protection symbols can be used and can benefit us. They are particularly effective for empaths, though, who frequently find it difficult to separate their own emotions from a variety of sentiments assumed by others. So, the next time you’re feeling overburdened, consider employing these symbols to regain your sense of balance and personal strength.

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